Building materials Export Division held 2020 annual quality control meeting

2022-04-25 14:34 Tony Hou

On February 24, building materials export business bussiness devision held "2020 qc work summary commendation meeting", Robin Rao division general manager, Tiger ShiLucas Cao deputy general manager, Deva Gan SBU manager, QC manager Weiwei and all business managers and quality control managers attended the meeting, Sun Jianhua, deputy director of quality control presided over the meeting.


Quality management has always been an important part of our wood panels export business, and the most critical part of logistics support for building materials export business. The annual quality control year-end meeting is not only a summary of our quality control work in the past year, but also the beginning of the quality control work in the New Year.


First of all, the quality control manager team made a report on the quality control work in 2020. Director Wang Feng focused on comparative analysis of the inspection data and expenses in recent years, and emphasized the need to constantly optimize the inspection process, refine there imbursement plan, and improve the quality and efficiency by addressing deficiencies, making up for deficiencies. Jianhua Sun sums up both QC work hroughout the year, report to the company of "six criteria" direction "process link is not short term, to strengthen the resources construction, is the key to avoid claim to collect market information, authors efficiency management, unite a total development" under the guidance of the completion of annual work situation, also analyzes the working status of each QC Manerger. At the same time, all QC Manergers are required to set higher standards for themselves in all aspects, improve the sense of responsibility and work efficiency, and continue to strictly promote the implementation of the six standard directions formulated by the company.

At the same time, each QC Manerger also made a brief report on the work summary of 2020, and we communicated with each other about the start of the cooperative factory, employment situation, order situation and so on. In the communication, everyone mentioned that the current business competition is very fierce and there is a lack of sufficient factory resources to support. In the later stage, both business and QC Manerger should regard the development and cultivation of factoriesas a long-term and continuous key work.


After that, Tiger Shi made a brief report on 2020 QC Manergement, He fully recognized all over the past year's work, said this year by the international political situation, the Covid epidemic, multiple adverse effects, such as environmental protection hiring factory construction difficult, raw materials procurement and production orders, The hidden danger brought by this is unstable quality, unstable production, no guarantee of delivery, and the first person to face these difficulties and inconvenience is our QC Manerger. Therefore, under such extreme adverse conditions, we can guarantee the smooth delivery of such a large volume of goods without large quality claims, which is commendable. Also affirmed to Sun Jianhua as the core of the new QC Manerger team since the appointment of the changes, achieved results. At the same time, it also shows that the New Year, the business is facing greater pressure than before, all kinds of difficulties come one after another, I hope our QC Manerger team can continue to play hard, standardize the process, obey the management, maintain the collective interests, continue to escort the development of business.


Then Manager MelodyWei made the 2020 QC assessment commendation report, commended the notice of excellent work performance in the past year, and encouraged other colleagues to look up to the excellent comrades and make progress together.


Finally, General Manager Robin Rao made a concluding speech. First of all, Mr. Rao introduced the overall business situation of the company last year. In the context of the global epidemic andeconomic downturn in 2020, the company still managed to make a breakthrough against the trend and achieved double growth in performance and profit, which reached a new high. Our export devision also maintained a leading position in the industry. At the same time also affirmed everyone's efforts and hard-won performance, of course, also put forward higher requirements for everyone, in this year's more severe situation, we hope that we must improve the "two hearts" - sense of responsibility and initiative, to higher standards for themselves, voluntarily do their own work. At the same time, two expectations are put forward: one is to compare the past, summarize the deficiencies, improve, reduce quality claims, the goal is to achieve ZERO claims as far as possible. Second, improve quality and efficiency, continue to focus on the "six" requirements, reduce costs and increase efficiency!

        Robin Rao mentioned: I hope every quality control is practical work, this is not only a job, but also a rely on, a guarantee, the company cherish every practical work, hope we can develop together, share the results of development. Those who have the desire for development will also provided with opportunities and promotion channels. Finally, Mr. Rao hopes that everyone will continue to play a strong fighting spirit and hard-working spirit, full of enthusiasm, with strong fighting spirit to devote themselves to the work of this year, and jointly complete the work objectives of the whole year. I wish everyone a smooth work and good luck inthe Year of the Ox!