Listen, the voice of growth -- SUMEC ITC held a forum for young employees

2022-05-09 18:24 TonyHou

    This symposium broke the traditional round table, innovative use of youth open mic form to talk about growth. The youth Open Mic focuses on the development of the company and encourages young employees to start from their daily work and life, focusing on the "bottleneck of freshman", the confusion at work and whether the problems encountered have been solved. Gao Song, Cheng Tingting, Yu Yanqi,   TonyHou, Wan Xinyue, Wei Chunge and Ma Biao, 7 hardcore youth who bravely open the mic to express themselves and make hot presentations.


    The audience broke out warm applause from time to time, and the frequent words of the aid bomb screen were full of energy. This is the "testing ground" and "gas station" of the youth. The support of each speaker is recorded with shouts and applause, which is not limited to one expression, but contains infinite possibilities. It is not only a narration, but also a demonstration of life attitude. Finally, Cheng Tingting and Yu Yanqi won the Talk King.

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